Methyl Esters

The methyl esters based on vegetable oils or natural fatty acids (bioesters), are used as substitute to the diesel, as green combustible coming from renewable resources (motor fuel, firelighter). They are also used in the detergency industry, as green solvents for industrial cleaning and detergents. They are used also as biodegradable dilutant for spreading phytosanitary treatments in agriculture. Methyl esters are also used in construction as form release agent.

The main part of the bioester production is used as diesel substitute (or domestic fuel). According to the last regulations, the bioester is incorporated to the diesel as an alternative fuel. Indeed, the general properties of the methyl bio-esters are very closed from the diesel ones.

So our 2 qualities are compliant with the European fuel standard EN14214

In partnership with an important French producer, leader for fat materials, HENRY FRANC SAS offers two qualities of methyl ester of natural fatty materials.

Our offer :

  • Methyl ester from vegetable oil – EMHV (Pure rapeseed methyl ester ( RME ), or with a part based on palm oil, on request)
  • Methyl ester from fatty acid – EMAG : Fatty Acids from vegetable or animal origins.

Our esters are 100% biosourced materials, and are environment-friendly : the materials are selected in order to support a sustainable agriculture.

Packaging and Transport :

The 2 qualities can be delivered in drums, IBC or bulk.

The technical datasheets and MSDS of the 2 qualities are available on request. We also can send you some samples.

Direct deliveries from the production plant.

For a price quote or more informations :

Tel :+33 4 78 42 58 36