ALBODUR ® : 100% solids Polyols

As exclusive partner of ALBERDINGK-BOLEY GmbH, we propose a complete range of 100% solids polyols, VOC-free, dedicated to the formulation of 2-components polyurethane systems, from very soft to ultra hard.
The ALBODUR ® polyols are produced by ALBERDINGK from a renewable resource: the castor oil. Thanks to the chemical backbone of the castor oil, the ALBODUR ® polyols are particularly hydrophobic, have a low viscosity and excellent self-levelling properties.
They allow a simple application, without any risk of bubbles or cracks.

Our offer in ALBODUR® polyols :

Polyols for aromatic 2K systems (with MDI isocyanates) :

  • ALBODUR 901 very soft
  • ALBODUR 903
  • ALBODUR 904
  • ALBODUR 912
  • ALBODUR 921
  • ALBODUR 941 very hard

Polyols for aliphatic 2K systems (with HDI isocyanates) :

  • ALBODUR 965
  • ALBODUR 955
  • ALBODUR 956

Mono-functional Polyol (used as reactive dilutant or plasticizer) :

  • ALBODUR 110

Alternatives to synthesis polyols (polypropylene glycol) :

  • ALBODUR 43008 : Alternative to PPG 1000
  • ALBODUR 102 : Alternative to PPG 2000

Specialities :

  • ALBOLITH MS C 350 : Molecular sieve paste
  • ALBOTHIX 82-32 et 85-32 : Thixotropic agents (based on hydrogenated castor oil)

Applications :

ALBODUR ® polyols are particularly appreciated for floor coatings formulations (sport flooring, industrial flooring, decorative flooring, stone carpets), but also for waterproofed coatings, insulation (thermal, electrical) coatings, elastomers, and many industrial applications.
ALBODUR ® polyols are an excellent biosourced alternative to synthesis polols.


ALBERDINGK is one of the global leaders of waterborne binders, for the paint, varnishes, inks and adhesives industry. Located in Krefeld, near Dusseldorf (Germany), ALBERDINGK is also one of the historical actors of castor oil in Europe. This expertise of castor oil is now developed in a complete range of products obtained from castor oil and its derivatives, for example ALBODUR® polyols.
These developments are conducted with the main producers of isocyanates and crosslinkers of the market.
For more than 20 years, HENRY FRANC is supplying the main producers of thick and semi-thick coatings with the ALBODUR ® polyols.

Packaging : 190kg drums, 900kg IBC, bulk tank trucks.
Direct deliveries from ALBERDINGK production plant

For a price quote or more informations :

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