Oleochemicals and plant chemistry
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Oleochemicals & vegetal chemistry

With more than 50 years of experience in this field, the oil and fats chemistry is now part of the DNA of HENRY FRANC SAS. The increasing needs of our industrial customers for natural, renewable, biosourced and biodegradable materials has reinforced this division at HENRY FRANC SAS. Our main
customers are coming from very various sectors, like paints and varnishes industry, but also plastic industry, rubber and lubricants, cosmetic and pharma industry, and also the food industry. They find at HENRY FRANC SAS a reliable partner which provide them the materials they need, with an excellent quality-price ratio. All the producers for which HENRY FRANC SAS is working are following ethic and virtuous production processes, from the plantations up to the oil extraction and the final transformation.

Linseed oil

Other Vegetable Oils

Vegetable glycerin


Fatty acids

Methyl esters

Tartaric acid

Fatty alcohols

Soap noodles

Soy Lecithin

Castor oil

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