Coconut fatty acid

HENRY FRANC SAS is specialized in the sales of coconut fatty acid in Europe.

Coconut fatty acid is derived from coconut oil produced from copra, which is the dried albumen of coconut. It is a distilled fatty acid, used as a component of many products. It has chemical characteristics that are very close to palm kernel fatty acid which can sometimes replace it.

Applications :

The coconut fatty acid is a 100% natural origin material used in particular by the cosmetic industry (soaps, creams …). It is easy to formulate and mixes easily with other fatty substances, such as oleic acid for example. HENRY FRANC SAS markets it in liquid form.

Our offer :

  • Topped Coconut fatty acid – CAS n° 90990-15-1
  • Distilled Coconut fatty acid – CAS n° 67701-05-7
    Packaging: 190 kg drums (200L)
    900 kg IBC (1000L), or tank trucks.

Deliveries are made directly from the logistics sites of our industrial partners. Contact us now to receive the technical specifications of our Coconut Fatty Acid, a sample, or an indicative quotation.

For a price quote or more informations:

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