Acrylic dispersions

As exclusive partner of ALBERDINGK BOLEY GmbH, we offer a complete range of acrylic and acrylic-styrene waterbased dispersions.

ALBERDINGK propose une gamme innovante et conforme aux derniers standards ECOLABEL (à très faible teneur en AdH):
ALBERDINGK propose an innovative range of products, compliant with the last ECOLABEL standards (with low level of AdH). In advance to the regulation, ALBERDINGK has just develop a very new range of acrylic resins, mono or multiphase (coreshell..) with high performances and AdH-free.
With our acrylic dispersions, you will be able to formulate waterbased varnishes and paints, with appreciated application properties, durable and environment-friendly.

All our acrylic dispersions are APEO-free.

Our offer in ALBERDINGK acrylic dispersions :

  •  Dispersions with low MFFT (0°C) for ECOLABEL solvent-free formulations.
  •  Dispersions with high flexibility, with a König hardness
  •  Dispersions with very low blocking (ex : joinery), high chemical and UV resistances.
  •  Dispersions  with a high hydrophobicity, resistant to water and water vapour.
  •  Dispersions with high hardness, with a König hardness >100 s (ex: glass coating)
  •  Dispersions with UV crosslinking

Applications :

  • DIY and Professional Markets :
    Varnishes, Lasures (Wood stains), Wood and concrete paints, Lacquers, Flooring, Facades
  • Industrial Applications :
    Wood, Glass, Plastic, Metal (Automotive, Coil coating, Can coating…)
  • Adhesives :
    PSA, Heat seal…


  • Acrylic dispersions with ultra-high anticorrosion performances (Primers and DTM)
  • Acrylic dispersions for excellent adhesion on multiple substrates
  • Acrylic dispersions for floor paints, with high hot tyres and fat resistances
  • Acrylic dispersions for ultra resistant lacquered paints
  • Acrylic dispersions pour high performances lasures (Wood stains)


ALBERDINGK is one of the global leaders of waterborne binders, for the paint, varnishes, inks and adhesives industry. Located in Krefeld, near Dusseldorf (Germany), ALBERDINGK has two modern production facilities and an important R&D center. ALBERDINGK also has a production facility in the USA and a R&D office in China.
ALBERDINGK engineers are constantly developing new binders, and are working daily with HENRY FRANC SAS sales team, in order to answer the needs of the coatings formulators.
For more than 20 years, HENRY FRANC SAS brings to the main producers of coatings many solutions based on ALBERDINGK dispersions, with a high level of performances and a permanent respect of the environment.

Packaging : 120kg drums, 1000kg IBC, bulk tank trucks.
Direct deliveries from ALBERDINGK production plant.

For a price quote or more informations :

Cyrille GINDRE
Tel : +33 4 78 42 58 36