Castor Oil

Castor oil, Pharma castor oil, Cosmetic castor oil, hydrogenated castor oil, 12 HSA hydroxystearic acid.

Since 1967, HENRY FRANC SAS has acquired a strong experience in France on the market of Castor Oil and its derivatives.

The castor oil is a vegetable oil obtained from the seeds of the castor (ricinus communis). It has generally a very clear yellow colour, or is completely clear.

Our principals, first importers of castor oil and derivatives in Europe, own ultra-modern facilities dedicated to storage and transformation. With this partnerships, we can offer a full range of castor oil – based products at competitive prices.

Our offer :

  • Castor oil First Special Grade n°1 (FSG)
  • Cosmetic castor oil
  • Dehydrated castor oil (DCO)
  • Castor oil Low Acid
  • Pharma virgin castor oil (Eur. Ph)
  • Pharma refined castor oil (Eur. Ph.)
  • Hydrogenated castor oil (HCO)
  • Blown castor oil
  • Oxidized castor oil
  • Castor oil stand oils
  • 12 HSA Hydroxystearic acid
  • Ricinoleic acid

Our specialties :

Castor oil with very low water content (0,02%, max)
Castor oil with very low acid (0,2 mg KOH/g, max)
Castor oil with very clear colour (Gardner 1, max)

Applications :

Pharma and Cosmetic Industry, Lubrivants, Paints, Polyurethanes, Inks, Foams, Adhesives…

Packaging :

200 kg drums , 1000kg IBC or 24T bulk tank trucks.
(For HCO – hydrogenated castor oil : 25kg bags on pallets, 1000kg Big bags)

For a price quote or more informations :

Tel : +33 4 78 42 58 36