Tartaric Acid

The tartaric acid L(+) is a natural acid present in many fruits. It is extracted from some products of the viticulture (lees, grape marc), which are the main source of this acid with multiple applications.

This natural acid is mainly used in the Food industry (as acidifier and base material for emulsifiers), and in oenology as acidity corrector.

The tartaric acid is also used in the buiding industry as retarding agent in the formulation of plasters and sealants.

In the pharmaceutical industry, the tartaric acid is an ingredient of effervescent products.

Today, there are many new applications for the tartaric acid in advanced sectors such as Aeronautic industry: in some surface treatments of metals and alloys (TSA anodization), the tartaric acid is used as substitute of highly toxic components such as Chromium VI compounds. HENRY FRANC has acquired an expertise in that field, for which we have made registered specific qualities.

HENRY FRANC is working for 25 years on the French market with reference customers, for one of the main European leaders, ISO 9000 certified.

Following your application, we could suggest you the quality of tartaric acid which is the most suitable to your application (grain size).

Packaging and Transport :

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Direct deliveries from the production plant.

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