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HENRY FRANC SAS is selling for more than 30 years raw materials for the paint, varnishes, inks and adhesives industry. The company is also working for all coating industries (paper, films, textiles…)
Our main activity is the sales of water-based binders (also called latexes or resins), for the formulation of coatings on all kind of substrates. We offer a technical support to our customers, from the development steps until the industrialization of the finished product.
In parallel of the technical development, we are building the price offer with our customers, depending on the markets that they are targeting (professional, DIY, administrations..).
We also provide a full service in terms of logistic and after sales service.
The main asset of HENRY FRANC SAS is its organization as sales agency: it offers to the customers the possibility to access to direct prices and deliveries from the production companies, without any additional distributor or reseller. HENRY FRANC SAS is the outsourced sales service of its partners producers.

ALBODUR® : 100% solids Polyols

Hybrid and Copolymer dispersions

Polyurethane dispersions

Acrylic dispersions

UV curable dispersions

Zinc oxide

Antimony oxide

Natural red iron oxide

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