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May 25, 2016 : Alberdingk technical day AFTPVA North

At the technical day of AFTPVA North section, which was held on May 26 in Lesquin (near Lille, France), Alberdingk BOLEY and HENRY FRANC SAS introduced a new class of multiphase acrylic dispersions, for the formulation of paints with a very long open time and immediate  blocking resistance.
The presentation was divided into theoretical demonstrations and a practical interactive workshop, where everyone could see in real time the performance of these new acrylic dispersions.
Before starting the presentation, Mr Khermane has applied paints containing the new technology AC 36XX against standard paints well-known by professional users. This demonstration showed a superior levelling and fluidity of AC36XX dispersions, a exceptional long open-time, and a rapid resistance to blocking. At the end of the 30 minute presentation, the Alberdingk paint did not show any remaining tack!
The AC 3600 acrylic dispersion, MFFT 0 ° C is used for the formulations of interior and exterior paints, while AC 3626 acrylic dispersion is more for interior uses, where the demands for resistance to fats are higher. Both dispersions comply with ECOLABEL criteria. The AC 3600 also offers the opportunity to make glues, varnishes, paints or is used for adhesion on multi-substrates (in combination with the famous dispersion AC 2403).
Alberdingk AC 36XX  dispersions can answer both professional market requirements and also DIY.
For information or to request samples, thank you to contact HENRY FRANC SAS

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